Why is Clos-design so Good fo the Data Centers?


We all know the good-old 3-tier LAN design (core, aggregation and access), which has been used for years (if not decades). Newborn DC networks inherited this architecture for lack of better.




Problems with adapting LAN design to Data Centers

Today there are plenty of reasons why this approach is not suitable for modern DC: Keep Reading

Unpacking HCIE-pack

I’ve passed all exams from HCIE-R&S track about 6 month ago. And finally I got my HCIE-pack. Better late than never. Thank you Huawei. Let’s see what’s inside.


HCIE Lab Exam. I did it twice.

Last week i received an e-mail from Huawei. There was no need to open this letter. Because all i had to know (and everything i wanted to know) was stated in the subject: “Congratulations, you passed the HCIE R&S lab exam”. To say i was glad is to say nothing. Keep Reading

Huawei Russia Channel Skill Competition 2017

A few month ago the company I work for has received an invitation to participate in the Huawei Russia Channel Skill Competition 2017. It was the first Huawei Channel Skill Competition in Russia (and second in the world). There was almost no information about the contest. But the idea of such an event seemed very attractive. So I have registered without hesitation.  Despite the lack of experience of holding such competitions, the organizers tried very hard. And they were very kind. Thanks to them.  Leaving aside the emotions want to write about the key technical and organizational aspects of the Huawei Channel Skill Competition. Keep Reading

HCIE R&S Study Materials

Hello! 大家好!

Want to share my experience and make a short review of study materials and training tools for HCIE R&S exam preparation (including H12-261 and H12-262 exam). All study materials listed below are provided by Huawei itself for free. (I haven’t used any paid materials provided by third-party companies, so can’t judge about their usefulness).

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